Sharing Disabled Pending Approval

Help HER reach & teach OBs about HG!

Sponsor an OB receiving a lunch bag at ACOG with YOUR messages about HG.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$880 towards $2,500

Help HER reach OBs with your messages about HG!

What's the #1 thing you would tell an OB about what HG moms need most? What do they most need to hear from patients? For just $5, you can sponsor a lunch bag for a doctor attending the ACOG medical conference in May to tell them about HG. We will include your message in a lunch bag (without lunch of course!) for distribution at our booth to OBs who come to learn about HG and HER Foundation resources for docs and patients. Support this rare opportunity for HG experts to directly connect with 100's of OBs!

HER is your voice to OBs!

Additional donations will be used to pay for the conference or sponsor more docs. We rely on your donations to directly reach these OBs! Please donate generously to help us pay for this huge one-time opportunity.


We need to educate them about:

  • genetics of HG
  • dangers of malnutrition
  • long-term effects of HG
  • medication management
  • HG app opportunity