Make a real difference & support HG genetics education & research! image

Make a real difference & support HG genetics education & research!

More answers mean more mothers get treatment & more babies make it to term!

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Our new collaborative study with UCLA/USC & 23andMe has proven that the pregnancy disorder often said to be psychological is caused by genes instead! Grants for HG research are not given unless you are doing drug studies. So we need your help in raising funds for our next phase of research so we can tell others: "IT'S IN OUR GENES, NOT OUR HEAD!"

How YOU can make a difference:
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What is HG?
At least 1 million women are estimated to suffer from a serious pregnancy disease each year that takes the lives of thousands of babies (and some mothers) due to chronic malnutrition and dehydration from debilitating nausea and vomiting. The disease known as HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) is often misunderstood, unrecognized or assumed to be psychological, and thus is inadequately treated. This means women suffer to the point of being traumatized, choosing therapeutic termination, or having serious short and long-term healthissues. The children too often are affected as well. With proper treatment, most issues can be minimized or prevented, and the 1 in 3 loss rate is reduced. Grants are rarely given for HG work, so please consider supporting HER's collaborative research and education projects with a monthly donation and help save the life of a mother and baby!

Be HG aware and educate others, donate to support education and research (HG does not get grants!), and show love to an HG mother today!